the room

About the room

Is there a service charge?

There is no service charge.

Do you offer room service?

Sorry. We do not provide this service.

Is there a room with an open-air bath in the guest room?

We don't have it in our hotel.

Do you have a room with a bed in it?

All rooms are equipped with beds.

I would like to prepare a gift for a birthday or anniversary. Also, do you have any anniversary services from the inn?

Please contact us in advance. We will do our best to accommodate you. We can also make arrangements for cakes, dessert plates, assorted fruits, bouquets, and flower arrangements according to your budget if you give us 3 days notice.

What is available for rent?

Iron and sewing sets are available for rent at the front desk. The number is limited, so please contact us in advance.

Do you offer wheelchairs for rent?

Yes, please ask our staff (one car only)

Can I get a cot in the room?

Unfortunately, we do not have a cot available.

Is there a barrier-free room in the hotel?

Unfortunately, the hotel is not completely barrier-free, but you can use the elevator to get to your room.

What should I do if I get suddenly sick or injured during my stay?

Please consult with the front desk first. If you need to see a doctor, we will immediately refer you to the nearest medical facility. We also have thermometers and simple medicines available at the front desk.

Please tell me about the facilities and amenities in your room.

The following amenities are available to you.
Nightwear, bathrobes, slippers, bath towels, face towels, hand towels, toothbrushes, combs, cotton swabs, cotton, shavers, shampoo, conditioner, body soap
In addition, each room is equipped with the following
Bath, toilet (Washlet), TV, refrigerator, air purifier, safety deposit box, tea ceremony

What is in the refrigerator in the room?

We have a refrigerator, but there's nothing in it.

Is the bedding a bed or a futon?

All rooms have a bed, for a group of 3 people we can provide an extra bed or a sofa bed.